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Laura M.

I have had this diary for a week and the results of it have been amazing. It's gradually altered my mindset over the past week. I feel much more positive and I have become so much more productive! I love the layout, the quotes, and tips. Who knew it would make such a difference!

Stafford L.

As a teacher, I got 49 journals for my class. I feel strongly that it is as important to introduce students to the practice of positive behavioral traits as it is to teach strategy or craft. Sadly, most young adults leave secondary school, college or university never having been taught time management skills, mindfulness techniques such as the power of gratitude, or self-reflection.

Ana P.

I’m really enjoying this experiment. It has been a great way to think about things I’m grateful for and things that I did and I can do to become better. It’s a lovely way to keep positivism and get rid of negativism and being positive is a big step for success and happiness. I’m very glad to recommend the Experiment to everyone!

Jennifer S.

Both my husband and I are on our 3rd Experiment. It is a great way to quickly get you to focus on the positive in your life, no matter what you’re going through. Once you’re in the habit it’s easy to use and we find it a great life tool. We have recommended it to friends, who also love it.

Felix Z.

I used to struggle with finding things to be grateful for, but the Gratitude Experiment journal really helps push me to become more aware of everything in my life that I can be thankful for. Easy way to practice mindfulness and gratitude.

Tiara K.

This is my third journal, but now in these crisis times, I find it even more helpful. Finding things to be thankful for and looking for good things at the end of the day, puts things in perspective. I hope more people try this. Simple things help in times like this. Thank you.

Cynthia O.

I've really enjoyed completing the Big Gratitude Experiment! I was looking forward to it each and every day! I am sticking with the journal even after it! I love that it gives me a few moments to myself each day; it gets me thinking about the positive things in my life and it helps me stay focus on those good things throughout the day; it pushes me to think about things that I can do to make my life even better!

Jim F.

I am deeply impressed that such a transformational tool is available with the 'Pay As You Feel' model. I don't mind paying $20 for this BGE (Big Gratitude Experiment) journal, but I imagine others are hit by the crisis more and wouldn't afford it otherwise. Big kudos to the BGE team!

Taylor J.

The Experiment really helped me to focus on what really matters and to have a better mindset. It's easy-structured, but straight to the point and that helps you staying focused and achieving desired results.

Yasmin B.

Have been using it for 7 days now, every morning I wake up and write in the experiment journal. It's amazing how it changes your whole perception of the day for the better. I also tried writing my observations in the evening, which gives a different feeling.

Pablo X.

Just taking five minutes a day to write a few things down has really made my world better. Throughout the day, I reflect back and it motivates me to be a better person.

Melissa F.

My friend ordered the Big Gratitude Journal for me and I have to confess I was skeptical. For a numbers-focused person like me, this experiment clearly demonstrated by how much my wellbeing has improved over the last 30 days! I am about to start the experiment once again!

Aurora C.

With the Experiment, I choose the lens through which I see my world. My heart is happier, my spirit buoyant, and my sleep? The nights with continuous sleep now far outweigh the restless ones.

Joe D.

We ordered BGE journals in bulk to put them in our coffee shop. Our customers simply love it - sipping tasty coffee goes perfectly together with a reflection of filling in the gratitude journal. It goes in line with our mission and therefore we are proud to make Big Gratitude Journal even more accessible in our area!


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